Advantages Of Work Drug Testing

For a few years now, one of the hottest topics around has been the practice of employers doing drug testing for all employees. It seems as though many people fall firmly on one side or another as far as whether or not this is actually beneficial. So what exactly are the advantages of drug testing in the workplace?

Safe Work Environment

The biggest advantage comes down to the fact that it does promote a healthier environment at a workplace. If an employee is using drugs, it can affect not only them but those around them as well. This can really hurt productivity at work, and that is why so many end up wanting to issue drug tests.

There are many types of businesses, but certain businesses really need to have people completely free of drugs in order to keep things running smoothly. If a person is on drugs and trying to operate machinery or driving a vehicle in general, it can turn messy in a hurry.

Legal Liability Issues

Any type of accident at the workplace can be a sticky situation for a business owner. Technically speaking, they can face legal liability if something goes wrong on their watch. In order to protect themselves, it makes sense to issue a drug test for all employees. That way, they are less likely to be burned by someone who has an accident not really because of the workplace, but because they were not seeing or thinking clearly.

Studies do show that there are on average fewer accidents in the workplace if there is drug testing. Not only that, but there are less legal issues and general simply because those who are completely sober are less likely to try anything crazy while on the job.

Drug Users Actually Benefit

Many people think that drug testing is simply a way for business owners to control everything. That is not always the case, as drug testing can actually help those who need help the most. Drug testing is not only about illegal substances, as alcohol abuse is another major thing that really hurts work productivity.

Companies are becoming more progressive when it comes to helping out those people they pay money to come to work every day. That means instead of belittling them or firing them, help is provided instead.

Employee Turnover and Cost Is Lowered

For the most part, drug testing does a very good job of eliminating some candidates who simply would not be able to perform at a high level on a consistent basis. Since a person who has drug issues was never hired in the first place, it is more likely that the person who is hired will stick around for a longer period of time.

Being able to retain employees can really help out the bottom line for any business. The employees are happy as well because the longer they are at a company, the more likely they are to move up and possibly get a promotion along the way. It really works well for both parties.