How To Avoid Being Caught In A Urine Drug Test

You should be extremely wary and stop taking drugs at least a month before the authorities of WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) summons you for drug testing. You might believe that you have cleared all traces of drugs from your body, but a minuscule percentage of that still remains in your urine. In the past, athletes, who depended on performance-boosting drugs to boost their on-field performance, were not detected positive for drug tests carried out on their urine samples as the reagents used by WADA for such tests were not powerful enough. However, the scene has changed drastically over the last few years. WADA nowadays employ extremely sensitive drug tests that can easily detect traces of drugs in one in a million parts in urine. Therefore, it is important that individuals, taking part in competitive sports should stop consuming drugs at least a minimum of one month before the date the test is going to be performed.

Drug testing kits, available on online stores, are one of the best ways to find out whether they still have traces of drugs in their urine. The procedure is quite simple. Take a sample of your urine in a glass container and dip the test strip into it. If the color of the strip changes, it means the person involved will test positive during drug testing. One should drink lots of water daily, as this removes the toxins in their body through their urinary tract. They should also use the drug test kit every two to three days to check their urine. If the date of the test is fast approaching and they still test positive from drugs, their best option is to use fake urine.

Fake urine
One can purchase fake urine from online stores. They should make sure that they purchase their requirements from reputable online portals. The process to use fake urine is quite simple. The officers of WADA provide a receptacle in which the sportsperson has to provide his urine sample. Instead of providing their own urine sample, they should put the fake urine, available in the form of powder, into the receptacle and mix it with water. Once dissolved, the resultant liquid has the same consistency as normal urine. This includes the pungent odor, pale yellow color, and specific gravity. The quality of the mixture is so consistent with natural urine that it is virtually impossible for WADA officials to detect it.